Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chetan Bhagat: Round Two

Author Chetan Bhagat is in town. Thousands of Indians laughed and cried over his debut novel Five Point Someone - yours truly being one of them. The book is still on bestseller lists in India even after a year of its release.

Incidentally, Bhagat's here for the release of his second novel One Night at the Call Centre. You can find out here what the author has to say about the book.

I totally agree with Jabberwock when he says that Chetan is a good storyteller. I know that ON@TCC is not the kind of literature classic that everybody buys and never reads. Instead, it's a novel for everyone - people who never ever read novels and even bibliophiles.

Like FPS, I finished Chetan's new book in a single sitting - 6 hours to be precise. Unlike his first novel, parts of which seemed to have been based on real-life experiences, ON@TCC is more-or-less fiction.

However, I do agree with critics who feel FPS is better - I guess autobiographies always come out more realistic than pure fiction. My friends are divided on the issue - some swear by FPS while others feel the second book is a much better effort.

Others have found the God part in the novel a tad problematic. This is something I can't understand, given that everything is sorted out in the epilogue.

But kudos to Chetan for portraying a typical day at the call-centre so realistically. All that research certainly paid off.

Worth a Read. Will join its predecessor on the bestseller lists.

Chetan Bhagat
Price: Rs 95, Pages: 289

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