Friday, February 24, 2006

Librarian Liberated

Am currently reading The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken - the story of a spinster librarian falling in love with an eight-foot tall teenager suffering from congenital gigantism. The novel is a scintillating read on this unusual romance, as seen from the perspective of protagonist Peggy Cort.

But for some reason, it set me thinking about my visits to the library. I wonder if I have ever spoken to the person at the desk other than for paying late fines (inevitably!) or asking permission to cut out articles from the newspaper.

I am sure librarians are 'normal' people too - with similar thoughts, wishes, desires. What goes on in their minds as they go about their daily tasks - almost always with a stack of books in hand. When patrons check out with books, does the librarian form a mental picture of him depending on the kind of novels he reads. Hmmm. Interesting...

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