Saturday, March 18, 2006

American vs Indian Idol

Yup! People are surprised to know that I prefer watching American Idol rather than the more popular Indian Idol series.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Indian Idol hinges on melodrama and thrills, rather than actual singing. In a recent episode, the judges walked out after the people of India allegedly committed a crime by voting out a much more talented singer.

Chaos prevailed for some time - helping to jazz up TV ratings - before the singer himself refused to allow a rematch, declaring that he had "accepted" the verdict of the people and destiny. Talk about TV magic.

On the much more staid American Idol show, I am kinda rooting for Taylor Hicks. If he's voted out, my next best bet would probably be Katherine McPhee and Paris Bennett.

I even started a blog on its official website although I haven't updated it. You can read it here.

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