Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whew! Indian Idol 2 is over

Indian Idol 2 is finally over with Sandeep Acharya crowned the country's latest pop star. Anchors Aman Verma and Mini Mathur hemmed and hawed and stretched the finale to two whole hours, and announced the winner just when I had decided to beat them into a pulp the next time I meet them (which is never, I hope).

I feel bad for runner-up N C Karunya though - he's still said to be the more talented of the two.

The contest also brought out the SMS-devil in my parents. Believe it or not! More than 25 of the votes that went Karunya's way came in from my Dad. Karunya also has to thank my Mom for supporting him, although for far lesser SMSes.

Now, if only more of my kin had been SMS-friendly or simply cared about talent contests, Sandeep wouldn't have stood a chance.

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