Monday, August 21, 2006

Delhi swings to the 95 FM beat

It's been only a month since 95 FM was test-launched in Delhi by a firm called Clear Media. And this new radio station has already created a buzz for its non-stop hits sans pesky ads and tiresome RJs. You heard that right - no ads for XYZ home loans, no RJs who just don't know when to stop jabbering. Just plain ol' music.

Have no idea how long this state of bliss will last. Et tu will have to succumb to the pressures of commercialism. Till then, am making the best of the situation and answering that inevitable query - "Are you 95ing tonite?"

Btw, this is not the first blog post on 95 FM. On August 7, blog diva eM had this to say about the new Mirchi for Delhiites -

Ooh, a brand new radio station that I love (95 fm, whose is it? what is it? why are they playing such excellent music?) is doing wonders for my ego. Wonders.
A couple or more of similar radio stations and I will give up my cassettes and CDs. Wotsay?

Aren't you addicted to Hit 95 FM yet?

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