Monday, November 27, 2006

Snippets from Ahmedabad

Yup, we took a break and travelled down to Ahmedabad to visit my mom's side of the family. My last visit was around six years ago. The city is dirty, dirtier than Delhi and yet - isn't there always something magical about the place where you were born? My mom had been born here too. But we never spent any time here. I was spirited away to Pune when I was a year old and then to the national capital at the age of five. Which basically means I hardly remember anything from the city of my birth. Even the nursing home at Gomtipur where I was welcomed into this world no longer exists (am told it was burnt down during communal riots). Well, here are some images from my five-day stay in Ahmedabad.

Something that my young cousin Philo created. Isn't she wonderful?

She made these things too. Now, isn't she talented?

Philo's favourite teddy

A visit to the cemetery to visit my grandparents and uncle. I just wish I knew them better.

Philo (also known as Dolly) engages in a kung-fu contest with my brother Jose

And lastly, the cat which waltzed in through the gate as I was fiddling with my camera phone

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