Saturday, January 06, 2007

2 guys, 3 girls and a mad professor

An absent-minded professor's two daughters meet two interesting young men. Will they get married? Enter a nagging wife, a match-making granny, a prank-loving uncle, and enough twists and turns around the Dadar railway station to keep you laughing till your sides hurt.

Finished this 350-page novel by Dr Ravindra Godse in one day. Easy reading but perhaps not worth it.

Godse's comic plot is interesting enough to keep you turning the pages of this 2003 novel and his Hrishikesh Mukherji-meets-Wodehouse-meets-Comedy-of-Errors style does show occasional sparks of brilliance.

But, and a big BUT at that, spelling and grammatical errors let him down. The novel is replete with it - "the tomorrow", "Woodhouse" (in a reference to Wodehouse) and numerous other examples on almost every other page.

Wonder what kind of coffee was the proof-reader drinking while editing this book at 3 am.

There was some talk of a movie version of 2 guys, 3 girls and a mad professor but I guess it fizzled out.

Rating: ** (because of the errors)
Remarks: Will certainly watch the movie version if it comes out. The plot is pretty interesting.

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