Friday, January 19, 2007

Jade's behaviour not racial: Shilpa

Shilpa tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that Jade Goody's behaviour towards her is definitely not racial. The "victim" retracts her earlier statement to Cleo Rocos about Jade's comments. But notice how Shilpa refrains from mentioning Danielle Lloyd and Jo O'Meara. She's apparently unaware of many of the comments made by those two. Here's the text of Shilpa's chat with Big Brother -

Big Brother: Are you feeling happy?

Shilpa: Yeah I'm OK, happiness is a state of mind, I mean it just depends on what you think makes you happy, I'm happy. I'm happy and I try to be happy in every given situation, I wasn't happy, mm, two days ago. Um, well the way I live, if something has saddened me I try, it takes me a day to understand, analyse, and then I just leave it right there and then I move on, that's the way I've always lived. Today I am in a calm frame of mind so I would just like to say that um, an apology is definitely in order, and if Jade apologises I, I will apologise back and um, and make up with her.

Shilpa: But I know that is not going to come forth from Jade's side, um and she thinks what she did was right and that was the right way to behave so I'm cool with that so I'd rather just be away, and keep my respect so that's that - I don't have anything against Jade, I just, I just don't like the way she speaks that is my only complaint against Jade, I have nothing to say against her as a person, I think she has really worked hard to be where she is right now, um, and I respect people who have come up the hard way but er, oh she definitely needs to brush up on some manners and the way she speaks.

Big Brother: Shilpa, you mentioned you were not happy two days ago, Big Brother noticed that you had a conversation with Cleo in the bedroom following an argument with Jade. You implied that you thought the differences between the two of you could be racially motivated?

Shilpa: No, actually I take that back. I thought it was cos everybody was having an argument with me and I take that back. I don't think that is true, you know people say things in a fit of anger and erm, I stand corrected so, I don't want people to think and feel that way and I continue to feel that way. So even if I said it I would like you to please clarify and put this as a statement from my side if you can. That I don't feel there was any racial discrimination happening from Jade's end.

Shilpa: Erm, I don't think that is true. That's it. I think that there are a lot of insecurities from her end but it's definitely not racial. So yeah, that's the way I feel.

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