Friday, January 12, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 10): Part One

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Another one bites the dust. It's funny how Big Brother is finding it difficult to hold on to its celebrity housemates. Rock star Donny Tourette and film director Ken Russell had already walked out. And today it was 58-year-old singer Leo Sayer's turn.

Leo broke down the door of the fire exit to make good his escape. He was apparently miffed over Big Brother's refusal to send him extra pairs of trousers and underpants.

The singer had been behaving weirdly this past week and even bared his bums last night to model Danielle and others.

Now Shilpa is worried that Jermaine is also thinking of escaping and requests him not to leave his friend behind.

She puts cream on her face (bleach?) and spends her time cooped up in the kitchen making lunch while the other housemates laze around outside. 'The A-Team' star Dirk Benedict is quick to join her and resume his wooing.

Dirk: I like your eyes, your laughter... everything
Shilpa: (laughs and calls out to Jermaine) I need help here
Dirk: Jermaine stay away

Meanwhile, Shilpa's efforts in the kitchen don't pay off as Jade, Danielle and Jo continue bitching about her and how she uses up too much stuff to cook.

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