Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 10): Part Two

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Shilpa can finally heave a sigh of relief as Dirk's not going anywhere. Columnist Carole Malone is the second person to be evicted from Big Brother. Looks like all of Shilpa's enemies are being slowly eliminated by viewers. In that case, next up for eviction are former BB contestant Jade Goody and disgraced model Danielle Lloyd.

Shilpa is finding it tough to bond with these two - just listen to these two bitching about the Bollywood actress.

Jade: She makes me feel sick. She makes my skin crawl

Danielle: She's a dog

Of course, Danielle was a bit drunk at a time. But Jade feels Shilpa is being patronising. Methinks that girls just find it hard to like our Shilpa.

Thank God, Jermaine Jackson thinks Shilpa has a future in Big Brother. In a philosophical mood, he says he's going to be voted out very soon (with Allah's help). Shilpa and Danielle will last for a long time, he says.

Shilpa tries her best to console Jermaine, telling him that one learns from every experience and that she is glad she met him because of Big Brother.

She says that life in Big Brother without Jermaine, singer Cleo Rocos and actor Dirk Benedict would be a nightmare.

Wednesday's Nominations Revealed

Shilpa may not be one of the three housemates with the most votes for eviction but that doesn't mean she didn't get nominated. Jade and boyfriend Jack took Shilpa's name as the person they most wanted out of Big Brother. As expected.

As for Shilpa, she nominated Jack (doesn't work and no use in the house) and musician Leo Sayer (who later left the premises on his own). Her reason for disliking Leo - verbal diarrhoea.

Later in the evening, a despondent Dirk Benedict tells Shilpa he needs to get a nice Indian woman. Does Shilpa need any more hints?

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