Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother Day 11

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Shilpa Shetty is now a member of the Jackson Five. At least on Big Brother. All the housemates have been divided into two groups (led by Ian and Jermaine) and asked to honour musical bands Steps and Jackson Five.

Each group performs a song along with a dance routine and the judging has been left to the viewers. Shilpa is in Jermaine's Jackson Five band which also includes Dirk, Cleo and Danielle. Together, they will perform 'I Want You Back'. Meanwhile, Ian's Steps band will perform a 'Deeper Shade of Blue'.

The task has managed to bring together the housemates and helped them to forget last night's unpleasant events (Danielle's drunken stupor in which she called Shilpa a dog and a cook). Now, it's practice, practice and more practice for the housemates. Both bands are sweating it out and enjoying it too.

Looks like Big Brother is intent on showcasing artistic talents within this human zoo. Yesterday, Shilpa was praised for her work on painting Leo Sayer in a mural. And today, the Bollywood actress is gung-ho about doing something that comes naturally to her - dancing. Though she confesses she's never heard of the songs before.

She's all praises for Jermaine's patience as an instructor. If I were one, I would have killed everyone, she says. Shilpa's enthusiasm is infectious and her group is focussing on enjoying themselves while they perform.

Jermaine in Confession mode

Jermaine confessed in the Diary Room that he felt responsible for last night's spat between Shilpa, Jade and Danielle. He said that though his intentions were good, he shouldn't have asked Shilpa to talk to Danielle when the disgraced model was drunk.

Shilpa is too wise to come between a friendship. I think Danielle's youthfulness provoked all this unintentionally. Shilpa is balanced. She knows how to handle ups and downs. I'm not here to change anyone's life. I'm not going out of my way. That's what Shilpa did and it got her into trouble.

Shilpa a saint?

Shilpa tells Jermaine and Dirk that Danielle's tirade against her was alcohol-induced and not deliberate. Someone is surely adopting a 'forgive and forget' policy.

Shilpa the shirker

Jermaine and Ian find a bad smell in the kitchen this morning. Shilpa's nose is blocked so she can't smell it. She remains a mute spectator as the two guys clean the kitchen. Is it a deliberate action to stay away from the kitchen, especially after Danielle referred to Shilpa as "just a cook" yesterday.

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