Sunday, January 14, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother Day 11 - Part Two

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Yes, Shilpa's Jackson Five group beat the Steps fair and square. (For contest story, click here)

The five - Jermaine, Shilpa, Dirk, Cleo and Danielle - were arrayed in gigantic Afro wigs and dresses from the 70s. Jermaine was obviously the best, considering he was part of the original Jackson Five - but it was also obvious he had coached his team well.

Shilpa's attempts to sing probably fell flat but then her enthusiasm was infectious.

"We sucked. That was terrible. That's the end of my career" - this was Shilpa's refrain at the end of the show.

But the giggling diva confessed that this had been the best task so far on Big Brother. Interestingly, Shilpa had never heard the Jackson Five song before. This is something that Jo finds hard to believe considering that even her five-year-old niece knows it.

When the public votes were counted, 75 percent had voted for the Jackson Five as opposed to Ian's Steps band. The winning band members (including Shilpa) were presented with a special gold disc and they led the housemates to celebrate a Jackson Five theme party - complete with chocolates and champagne.

Another special treat awaited the housemates. The Jackson Five perfomance by Jermaine and teammates was shown on the plasma screen. And the housemates went into a frenzy of cheers and giggles.

Show over, life on Big Brother settled back to normal. Housemates speculated that the losing group - Ian, Jo, Jack and Jade - will be automatically put up for eviction. There's been no word on that so far. But Shilpa feels that all housemates deserve something for their efforts and the game as such is a mean one.

Later in the night, Cleo and Shilpa are having a conversation about Paris.

For some mysterious reason the French capital depresses Shilpa and she refuses to confide in Cleo when asked whether she had been there with the "wrong" person. Nevertheless, it's nice to see Shilpa bonding with Cleo at a time when her relations with girls on the show are frosty at best.

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