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Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 12)

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Love and Longing: Jermaine plays matchmaker

Jermaine and Shilpa are having one of their heart-to-hearts in the bedroom. The topic today - Marriage. Aishwarya Rai got engaged to Abhishek Bachchan but Miss Shetty doesn't know that yet. She's still looking for Mr Right.

Jermaine thinks Shilpa reminds him so much of his sister Latoyah (especially in the Afro wig Shilpa donned for the Jackson Five performance yesterday). Was a Hollywood actor in love with her too, Jermaine?

Shilpa is talking about the men in her life. Apparently, she was dating this actor and he wanted to get married. But she didn't want to and they eventually split up. Three months later, this actor (wonder which Indian hunk Shilpa is talking about) got married to someone else.

The Bollywood diva also had a long-distance relationship with a musician but it petered out because she was doing well while the musician (wondering who again) wasn't.

At this point, Shilpa questions Jermaine if men are intimidated by her. Jermaine says No, he admires her (emotional) strength.

Shilpa says she had been scared to tie the knot with her two former boyfriends.

Shilpa: I wanna get married. I have done for a long time

Jermaine: Dirk would marry you tomorrow. He's a nice guy

Shilpa: He's a very, very nice guy. I want to get married... but to the right person. Not just because...

Jermaine: He's (Dirk) about to walk through the door

The duo now chat about karma and Shilpa is convinced she will meet somebody in the end coz she hasn't caused anyone any harm yet.

Ouch! Shilpa says she cant believe she's been discussing her life in front of the cameras. A bit too late for that, isn't it?

Chicken tender

Miss Shetty's attempts to roast some chicken in the morning didn't go down too well with some housemates. The chicken was a wee bit undercooked and Danielle Lloyd was quick to seize a chance to be mean to the Bollywood actress.

The former Miss Great Britain claims she saw blood still inside the dish and tells Shilpa she ought to have been more careful.

Poor Shilpa doesn't understand why they make a fuss about her cooking all the time. She obviously can't survive on sandwiches.

Musicians Ian and Cleo talk to Shilpa about it. Ian feels Shilpa is being unnecessarily "picked on".

But Shilpa says that the unpleasant episode was just a difference of cultures.

Shilpa: But I tried not to let it affect me. I don't have anything against any of them.

Ian: You haven't done anything wrong Shilpa

Shilpa: Maybe we eat food differently. It's just a culture clash.

Maybe it is. Or maybe it's just plain ol' racism.

Will Yorkshire love Shilpa?

The conversation turns to Shilpa's plans to take a trip to Yorkshire in March. Shilpa is wondering whether people in Yorkshire would know who she is. Of course, says Ian - Big Brother is the biggest show on television. Believe it or not. Yes, we believe you Ian. And Shilpa, be sure you'll be mobbed during your Yorkshire trip.

Dirk and Shilpa

'The A-Team' star Dirk Benedict confesses he hasn't had a woman in his life for 15 years. Even his last date was a full two years ago. But why is he telling Shilpa this. The Indian diva is a bit slow on the uptake though.

Dirk's in a foul mood. It seems he's been feeling a bit bored ever since Leo and Ken exited the show.

Dirk: I'm sure girls' dormitories are like this. This is such a girlie show, that's why all the guys left. It drives you nuts!

Shilpa: I've not driven you nuts (sounds hurt)

Dirk: No

Ping-Pong anyone?

The Big Brother housemates have a new love for the day - Table Tennis. Shilpa spends hours playing with Dirk, Ian and Jermaine. The other girls are not interested and just watch the game. Didn't realise Shilpa was this good at table-tennis.

Of Mobiles and Mobile Surgery

Jermaine, Ian and Shilpa are discussing life in Big Brother with no contact with the outside world.

Ian: I miss my friends. I'm used to being away, that's part of the job, but I'm not used to having any contact. I miss my dog.

Shilpa says she probably needed to have her mobile "surgically removed".

Jermaine: It's probably good that you're not using it because of the radiation.

Bathing Suits on Big Brother

Shilpa reveals that singer Cleo Rocos has been wearing her swimming costume even while taking showers. Why? Because she suspects Big Brother has put cameras in the shower.

Maintaining dignity in Big Brother - that's the hard part. Shilpa feels the only one to do so on the show is Cleo. Anyway, Ian and Jermaine are sure Big Brother would never jeopardise their contracts in such a manner.

Diwali with the Elephant God

Shilpa is attempting to make Jade Goody understand the concept of the Hindu festival of Diwali. She has just introduced Rama when Jade interrupts. "Is that the elephant man?"

Just you wait Jade. Wait till the Shiv Sainiks find out you said that. Shilpa realises Jade has Rama all confused with Ganesha - and straightens things out.

A Whale of a question for Shilpa

As part of today's task, all the housemates have been given the task of going to the Diary Room and asking Big Brother a question they have always wanted the answer to.

The housemates are flummoxed. What should they ask Big Brother? Shilpa proposes asking which came first - the chicken or the egg. After several minutes in deep thought -

Jo: I've got my question - what is the lifespan of a sperm whale?

Shilpa: What's the lifespan of a what?

Jo: Of a sperm whale

Shilpa: Of a spom..?

Jo: A whale. A sperm whale is a type of whale

Shilpa: A wow? What's that?

Jo: Am I saying it wrong?

Jade: (to Shilpa) Beached whale, killer whale... like a dolphin

Jack: Have you seen Free Willy?

Jo: You really don't know what a whale is?

Jack: In the sea...

Jade: You know what a shark is don't you?

Shilpa finally gets it. "Oh - a whale". It turns out she couldn't understand Jo's cockney accent and kept hearing "Wow" instead. This bit of conversation had me in splits and the housemates loved it too.

Jade leaves Shilpa sobbing in the loo

All days do not end well. Night falls with Shilpa discussing the day's events with Jade. A genuine effort from both parties to clear the air.

Jade insists that her comments about Shilpa's cooking were not personal and that nobody is trying to isolate her. Jade says she can't read Shilpa - whether she is being fake, being real, or really upset.

Miss Goody asks Shilpa to take a step back in the kitchen department for her own benefit. Jade's scathing comments hurt Shilpa and she rushes off to the bathroom to cry her heart out. Her only solace - Cleo is there to try and comfort her in the dead of the night.

And if you though Jade was a meanie, here's what Danielle had to say about Shilpa earlier. "I'm f****** p****** off. I want to rip someone's head off. She's an annoying bitch."

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