Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 13)

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Words of comfort and a dream

Shilpa emerges this morning wearing huge sunglasses to hide her eyes. Cleo Rocos and Jermaine Jackson try their best to comfort her. They feel that Jade Goody's behaviour towards Shilpa is just a clash of cultures. Even Shilpa says she appreciates Jade's honesty.

Meanwhile, the bitching session against the Bollywood star continues unabated. Jo O'Meara, Jade and Danielle Lloyd are making nasty remarks about yesterday's undercooked chicken and Shilpa being bossy.

Jade tells the others she had a nightmare in which Shilpa was kicking her and Shilpa's cousin came out of nowhere to pull Danielle's hair. Watch out Jade - that dream might just come true if you continue your tirade against Shilpa.

Danielle turns new leaf

Danielle goes to Shilpa in the bathroom and tries to reassure her that no one's got any bad feelings towards her. She doesn't want Shilpa to feel left out, she says. Has the disgraced former Miss Great Britain really turned over a new leaf?

Danielle has a case of make-up rash and Shilpa offers her some cream - an offer that is gratefully accepted.

Of the Taj Mahal and cleavage

Jermaine's curious about the Taj Mahal and Shilpa's trying to impress him. Shahjehan built it for his wife Mumtaz and then cut off the hands of the builders so that they could not replicate it.

Shilpa's proving to be quite a good ambassador for India. She certainly knows her History.

Ian asks her if it was taboo in India for women to show off their cleavage. Shilpa feels she has no problem with showing some cleavage as long as it's displayed tastefully.

Obstacle Course and a Wardrobe Malfunction

After a game of Chinese Whispers, the housemates dress for a so-called red carpet event. They have been given clothes to do so. And when Big Brother suddenly announces a Red Carpet Assault Course, they realise tuxedos and evening gowns are not appropriate for an obstacle race through a rubbish-filled VIP Pit, a Champagne Fountain and a Crawl of Fame.

But there's no time to change. Shilpa can't even take her contact lenses out. The Task - Complete the race in nine minutes and housemates receive a luxury shopping budget else basic rations. Alas! It takes them more than ten minutes to wade through all that slippery gunk. The high point was when the gushing fountain caused Danielle to have a wardrobe malfunction. Her dress slips down to her waist and the model is concerned that her accidental flash would be seen in all of Great Britain.

Shilpa and Dirk: The Wooing Game

Shilpa tells A-Team actor Dirk Benedict she was born in 1975. Dirk, smitten by Shilpa, says he was reborn in 1975. He says he's feeling cold but he can take the heat too (winks at Shilpa)

Flirting is on in full swing. Dirk wants to watch a film in which Shilpa plays a seductress.

Shilpa: You should see Dus. It means 10

Dirk: You did 10?

Shilpa: I was an ATC agent ... a very serious kind of movie. the first time ever a heroine did an action sequence. I jump and I kick

Dirk: When did you do that?

Shilpa: Two years back

The discussion turns to films they like. Shilpa feels Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill is over-rated though Pulp Fiction was good. Her favourite films are Serendipity and the Notebook.

Shilpa's Eeeeeeeek laugh

Jade and Jo are at it again. Seems they don't have anything else to do. Jade's imitating Shilpa's laugh. Eeeeeeeek. Jo says that Shilpa's laugh worries her a little bit. She apparently HAS to walk out of the room whenever Shilpa does her Eeeeeeeeek bit.

Budget Blues

As they failed in their task, the housemates are on basic rations and don't have a lot of money to spend. Jo feels Shilpa is very controlling while organising the shopping list.

At Night

Danielle's upset about the wardrobe malfunction of the evening and the others are atempting to console her.

Shilpa is telling Cleo Rocos it's funny how people end up fighting over tea and ketchup. But her spirits are up and she feels that as part of a team everyone has to do their best.

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