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Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 14)

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Sex, Love and Attitude

A discussion on teenage pregnancies leads into a debate on Indian women being expected to marry in their 20s. Shilpa says she comes from a very conservative and small community. But then several men she has been out with were progressive in their attitudes.

Jade: Are you progressive?

Shilpa: Of course I am (points out she is 31). We were brought up with the belief that you should get when I had my first boyfriend we were very close and I thought this was the be-all-and-end-all for me...I think I'm someone who's not against premarital sex but I'm totally against someone who just has sex. I couldn't get into a physical relationship with someone if I wasn't emotionally attached

But the Bollywood actress has qualms about saying the S word.

Shilpa: 14-year-old girls know more about...

Ian: You can use the word, it isn't dirty

Shilpa: I don't usually say that word - I'm silly and say 'making love'

Jade: Having sex and making love is completely different

Jade and Shilpa: The War continues

The two women prepare to go to the mattresses (from The Godfather). This time, the war is over Jade, Jo and Danielle using four chicken stock cubes from Shilpa's shopping list.

Jade: So what, it's a stock cube, get over it. The other day a whole chicken went to waste because it was pink... Not only are you pathetic and fake, you're a liar

Shilpa: I don't want to fight

Even the chicken marinade prepared by Shilpa is rejected by Jade - apparently because Shilpa used her own recipe and not the one Jade preferred. The Bollywood actress vows to stay away from the kitchen from now on. Ian, who seems to be on Shilpa's side for some time now, asks her to forget about the chicken episode.

Shilpa says that the girls can't stand her because Dirk, Ian and Jermaine get along with her. Atta boy, Shilpa - you just hit the nail on the head.

Jade's diatribe in the Diary Room

Jade takes her long list of complaints to Big Brother in the Diary Room

1) Shilpa is getting on Jack's nerves
2) Shilpa's so controlling
3) Shilpa's screeching is getting to quite a few people. It's driving them mad
4) Shilpa's got an agenda. She says she's being herself but I think she's fooling people into thinking she's that type of person. It never seems sincere.
5) Whenever I speak to Shilpa she just cries. She's doing my nut in

Dirk, Shilpa and the broken hanger

Shilpa's hanging up clothes in the bedroom as Dirk watches. One hanger breaks and the chivalrous knight is immediately by Shilpa's side, offering to mend it.

Shilpa: No, please. I know you're really strong and all of that...

Dirk: Come here, I am really good at fixing things

Shilpa: Thank you! Are you gonna keep the hanger as well, to remember me by?

Ian: (in the background) Will she, won't she?

Dirk: Ian, I don't need any help from you

Ian: You flirt as much as you want ... Get a room you two. Get a room!

Later, Dirk teases Shilpa about the idea of them having a relationship.

Dirk: Tell them the truth, say if he was ten years younger, maybe

Shilpa feels that on the day of her eviction, the audience would probably chant 'Dirk, Dirk, Dirk' and that "age is no bar".

Shilpa, beware of the headbutt

A bitchfest is in session and as usual Shilpa is the lone target as she sleeps in the bedroom. Jade claims that Shilpa called her a commoner and asked her to get elocution lessons. That can't be true. Shilpa would never say that, would she?

Jade also accuses Shilpa of turning Dirk and Jermaine against her.

Jade: I think it's nasty and she's very very manipulative. Very. In my eyes she's a nasty piece of work. I look at her and I wanna headbutt her. I wanna wipe that smug look off her face

Jade is certain that Shilpa's personality is anything but the real thing.

Jade: Because I'm so not fake and genuinely real, I can see it

Jo: You're f****** bang on and I'm the fairest person in the world

Jack: Shall we go lift her up and put her in the garden, then lock the door?

Be on the lookout, Shilpa - there's no telling what these girls might do to you. Be it a Zidane headbutt or other stuff.

Jo and Jade also feel that Shilpa's claims of being a Bollywood actress might be a huge lie. If only these two had some Indian friends, they could have checked that out.

Jade: For all I know she could be someone from up Old Kent Road.. I don't know

The girls feel that Shilpa might also be a Big Brother spy. After all, the show has done this kind of thing before. Jo complains that Shilpa is getting special treatment and is always let into the Diary Room instantly while others are forced to wait.

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