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Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 15)

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Early risers Jermaine Jackson and Ian Watkins are discussing last night's spat between Jade Goody and Shilpa. Jermaine is amazed that the girls are ganging up against the Bollywood actress.

Jermaine: When Jade was going off at Shilpa, the other girls were laughing. They are being controlled by Jade, it's ignorance. It's become territorial now. I'm trying to be neutral but I'm not going to let things be unfair. I'm not willing to talk to Jade. I can't change Jade

Ian: In her mind, she's right

Jermaine: She (Jade) told her (Shilpa) that her head was so far up her own a*** she could smell her own s***!

Danielle makes peace with Shilpa

Former Miss Great Britain Danielle Llloyd, one of the three accused of making racist comments against Shilpa, appears to have had an attack of conscience. She follows Shilpa into the bathroom for a heart-to-heart.

Danielle: Shilpa, I don't like arguing with anyone and I don't want to argue with you

Shilpa: Don't worry, I'm cool (embraces Danielle). You were never like that with me.

Danielle: I don't want you to feel left out, I feel really bad and I'm not a bad person

Shilpa: You are not a bad person. And neither is Jo ... And neither is Jade. Jade just waits for an argument and I'm not like that. I can't be what she wants me to be...I don't have anything against you, trust me.

The Silent Treatment

Bitter foes Shilpa and Jade have not spoken a word to each other today, treating each other like invisible walls. But Jade continues to eavesdrop on Shilpa's conversations with other housemates.

Jade: Did you hear what she said? 'I didn't say a bad thing to Jade'

Jo: That's cheeky

Jade: Well, she is cheeky. When Dirk just came over Shilpa walked straight past him and ignored him, because he's been talking to us.

Two weeks in Big Brother

The housemates calculate that it's been two weeks since they first set foot within the Big Brother house. Shilpa, Jermaine and Cleo are wondering how they have survived for so long and Shilpa says it certainly didn't go by smoothly.

Ian reveals his admiration for Freddie Mercury and Shilpa points out that the Queen rocker was originally from India. Must say Shilpa's not all that dumb, considering that most Bollywood actresses are supposed to be deficient in the brain area.

Dirk thinks of a new name for the show. "This show probably has the record for people busting out. 'Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, that's what this is.". Are you thinking of busting out too, Dirk?

Ian asks Shilpa whether she has a following in the UK. He thinks Shilpa will certainly get one once she gets out. Little do the two know about the Big Brother racism brouhaha that has hogged headlines worldwide. Am sure everybody in the UK now knows who Shilpa Shetty is.

Modern Art for the Housemates

Big Brother has a new task for his nine inmates. The housemates, in groups of three, produce works of modern art depicting an emotion they experienced during their time in the house.

Ian, Shilpa and Jermaine decide on the theme of strength. Their work of art is a cardboard torso with a flexed right arm and a painted red heart.

Shilpa: (explaining the concept to Big Brother) This explains the strength we all try to show in every situation, even in times we are really distressed. It doesn't just denote... physical strength - but also in terms of character

Is that a subtle message for Jade?

Dirk and Shilpa: A Damp Squib

All hopes of a Hollywood-Bollywood romance seems to be fading. Dirk reveals that he would have been interested in Shilpa HAD he been younger.

Dirk: Shilpa ... it's fun, I can make her giggle and blush. If I was younger, she would interest me. But the truth is, she was very nice about it, she handled it well. She could have not liked it at all, said 'I don't find this appealing, it's not attractive, it's not charming, it's not funny, stop it' which I would have done

Danielle in Confession Mode

While chatting with Danielle in the Diary Room, Big Brother asks her what she meant by telling Shilpa to "f*** off home". Danielle appears to have forgotten this outburst and says she regrets the offensive comment and is disgusted with herself. She resolves not to follow the herd in her reactions to Shilpa and be more understanding.

Jade and Cleo make up

Cleo Rocos, who has tried to act as a mediator between Shilpa and the other girls, has been avoiding Jade for some time. Jade is keen to clarify matters and makes it clear she doesn't want Cleo to stop talking to Shilpa.

Jade: I openly speak about people in front of you, but I'd never, ever say that you shouldn't talk to [Shilpa] because of this. I'd never pull you away from somebody. I just wouldn't.

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