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Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 17)

Click here for the Richard Gere - Shilpa Shetty kissing controversy

News at the Breakfast table

Early in the morning, the housemates were informed that either Jade or Shilpa would leave the house later tonight. The two foes were not surprised to hear their names called out.

Jade: I knew I'd be up

Shilpa: Me too

Ian: Whoever goes will be happy, and they can sleep in their own bed

Jade: Yeah. And when I find out who nominated me, I won't speak to them ever again

Seems old habits die hard.

But the new-found truce between Jade and Shilpa seems to be a strong one. Jade has taken the racism rap pretty seriously. She doesn't want to be evicted for the wrong reasons and her confession shows she's worried about this.

Jade: Shilpa says she knows I'm not racist, but the press have a lot of power and if they want to print I'm racial.. that could influence a lot of people and I could be evicted for the wrong reasons. Fair enough if people vote me out because they don't like me, but if it's because they think I'm a racist b**** I'll be worried about walking out - because that's not me.

Meanwhile, Shilpa and Jermaine are mulling over the nomination list

Jermaine: Nobody was surprised

Shilpa: I wasn't. The groups were formed. It was very apparent that we were going to be up for eviction

Obsessive fans the Jade way

Jade, who has had experience with previous Big Brother rounds, is telling Shilpa and the other girls about people obsessed with the reality show. There was one "nice" elderly lady who wrote down everything the housemates did. Wonder what Jade would say if she came to know I also blog about the daily Big Brother grind - although only about things concerning Shilpa.

Is that a helicopter I hear?

The housemates have been instructed to go indoors because there's a helicopter circling round the house. Is it some angry Indian come to rescue Shilpa from her racist prison? Or some enterprising journalist who wants some exclusive photographs? Well, nothing happens and no helicopter lands on the Big Brother grounds. I wish it had though - it would have been the most memorable scene on the show ever.

The racism debate continues

None of the housemates know how serious the situation is outside. How Great Britain and India are engaging in diplomatic warfare, if it can be called that. And yet by instinct, they keep talking about the impact of Jade's comments.

Ian feels the conflict is scary and yet there's no racism involved. Cleo agrees. Shilpa is in Mother Teresa mode today - she says she won't mind leaving.

Shilpa: I don't mind getting evicted, I didn't want to leave saying, 'I want to get out'. I'll miss you guys. I'm okay

But the Indian actress is apparently concerned over the effect Jade's behaviour on the reality show would have on the Londoner's life.

Shilpa: I don't want Jade to feel that I've spoiled all that she's made for herself. I really wish that from the bottom of my heart. I have a life back in India and that's going to be unaffected really

Cleo feels Shilpa'll be a huge success when she finally leaves Big Brother.

Shilpa: You think so? That's really nice

Cleo: It's not really nice. It's the truth

And as if to make things worse, Jade is telling Cleo, Shilpa and Ian about her children and the stigma of being a single mother. Awww! I feel sorry for her already.

Of pillow fights and college sweethearts

Both the eviction nominees are busy in their own way. Shilpa and Dirk are preparing food together while Jade engages boyfriend in a pillow fight. Must say Jade is quite talented in this aspect.

Dirk, on being told that he's extremely romantic, is telling Shilpa all about his old college sweetheart. Shilpa has a confession of her own. She isn't always the smartly-turned out diva she is on Big Brother.

Shilpa: I am such a jeans and t-shirt person it's not funny

Big Brother's Human Philharmonic Orchestra

The housemates have a musical task today - with no musical instruments. Each housemate is to perform a piece of classical music using only their bodies and voices. They split into four groups - woodwind, brass, strings and percussion -under their enthusiastic conductor - Ian.

Given their talents (or lack of thereof), it's not surprising the group comes through with flying colours on the 'William Tell Overture' despite Dirk's wobbly trumpet solo. A musical malady perhaps.

Jade and Shilpa: The final moments

The stately Indian and the loudmouth Briton soon pack up and carry their suitcases to the garden, and return to the kitchen for a tete-a-tete.

Shilpa: You ok?

Jade: You know how I feel? Yep

Shilpa: You know how I feel

Jade: Yeah - we have something in common

Shilpa and Dirk: To be or not to be

Dirk has a downcast air about him. Is it because he fears Shilpa may leave him tonight?

Shilpa: It's a weird feeling. It's not like a sad or a bad feeling though

Dirk's being "awfully quiet" is explained away as homesickness.

Dirk: My kids have gone long enough without me

Shilpa: You'll be home soon. Just nine more days

Dirk: Maybe less.

Is that sixth sense, Dirk?

Of Jade's trip to India

Jade is talking about her trip to India - a trip filled with memories of homeless people, crowded markets and unbelievable traffic.

Jade: We wanted to get McDonalds but it was over the street and the roads - oh my God!

Looks like she's not been to Connaught Place yet. And please, please Jade - please do travel on the New Delhi Metro. Methinks it's much much cleaner than the London Tube.

A strange eviction

Big Brother has just announced with a sombre air what everyone knew deep down already. Jade is leaving the show. The usual crowd noise is missing, though and the housemates are curious.

Danielle: Why's it so quiet?

Jade: I know why it's quiet. What I said the other day. I know. I don't know why I came back in here

Shilpa: I just nearly suffered a heart attack. (to Jade) You will be OK. There's nothing to fear

Jade: Don't start me crying. I don't want to cry

Shilpa escapes to the loo, followed soon by Ian

Shilpa: I don't want her to go out like this. I pray to God there's no problem for her out there. If I went out today I would have defended her

She comes out again to comfort Jade as she leaves the house.

Shilpa: It always works out for the best in the long run

Jade: I've been in this situation before... I'm the 25th most intellectual person.

Shilpa couldn't resist a final jibe.

Shilpa: Influential

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