Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 19)

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Sunglasses at Breakfast

Shilpa arrives for breakfast donning sunglasses. Does she have a hangover after last night's cider-induced high? But she seems chirpy enough.

Shilpa: I like being woken up by Jermaine

Ian: What does the day hold today?

Shilpa: Sunshine

After days of being subjected to 61-year-old Dirk Benedict flirting wih Shilpa, we finally collect one valuable nugget. Shilpa tells Jermaine the 'A-Team' actor looks only 45 years old. He's so fit, she says albeit without telltale stars in her eyes.

A shock for Danielle

It's a paddy field somewhere in north India. A sari-clad woman is dancing to the bhangra beat. But who's that vamp wearing hot pants. Shilpa Shetty?

Wait, that went a bit too far. Danielle and Jo are questioning Shilpa about her films. Danielle thinks that Indian actresses only wear saris. Her jaw drops when Shilpa reveals she wore hot pants for a particular dance sequence. Hey Danielle, wait till you see what Bipasha Basu wore in Dhoom 2.

Can you make Big Brother laugh?

Precisely. The housemates have to individually enter the Diary Room and try their best to make a grumpy Big Brother laugh in just five minutes. They have been provided with props - wigs and stuff - to do the needful. Dirk's jokes fall flat while Cleo is no good either. But on the whole, the Big Brother inmates pass the Comedy Task using all the talents at their disposal. The reward - lots of mouth-watering treats and videos of each housemate clowning around.

Shilpa sacrifices some chocolate

Danielle is going crazy with her craving for chocolate. Resourceful Shilpa has some hidden away and wastes no time in getting some out for her once bitter foe. After all, Danielle called her a "dog" once. But the kind and generous Shilpa forgives all. Her secret stash of chocolates had been hoarded for a rainy day and she now distributes them among her housemates.

Of pillow fights and long chats

After a round of late night pillow fights in the bedroom, Shilpa and Jo try to fall asleep but end up talking instead. Jo is a bit down in the dumps.

Shilpa: You ok?

Jo: It's just I'm really nervous... I can't switch my mind off. Can't you sleep either?

Shilpa: I was thinking about how to re-invent you!. I swear to God, I was thinking of what outfit to give you... you are so good!

Jo: I'm so worried... but I don't know why

Shilpa: You're just anxious. Everything is well outside, just keep saying that. There must be so many people out there who would love to be in your shoes

Jo: I don't want to be in my shoes. Not at the moment

Shilpa: Shuuut up! This is a good thing for you

Jo: I'm panicking about when it's my time to go through the door

Shilpa: You have a great body, you have a great attitude, you have a great voice. If you have it, show it. You have a great ass, show it!

Jo: You're very sweet

Is it just me or do all of you also think Shilpa's an angel. Has Big Brother ever got such a nice inmate before?

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