Friday, January 05, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 2)

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Just 24 hours into the show, Shilpa almost fell off her narrow bed thrice. Any chance she's regretting the decision to join Big Brother? But she seems happy enough.

The Bollywood diva joined singer Jo O'Meara in trying to pronounce 'The A-Team' actor Dirk Benedict's name. Apparently, Shilpa's attempts to pronounce 'Dirk' were amusing columnist Carole Malone to no end.

"Dirk? Duck? Deuck?"

"It sounds like you call him Duck," says Jo.

"Duck Benedict. It sounds like a dish," giggles Shilpa. An endearing quality - that of being able to laugh at herself.

But the actress doesn't give up. She asks Jermaine Jackson's opinion. And the trio try out their versions of Dirk's moniker.

When Dirk walks in, he says he prefers Shilpa's accented version of his name.
[Hurrah for Shilpa]

Later in the day, Shilpa turns meditation guru for Carole and filmmaker Ken Russell, the oldest housemate.

But not for long. The trio had only just sat cross-legged on the floor and begun breathing in when Ken suffers a coughing fit.

The impromptu session is interrupted again when Carole complains that her chest hurts.

Shilpa offers a plausible explanation.

"You're not breathing right. We're so occupied with life and the stuff we have to do that we don't breathe."

Hope that satisfied her students.

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