Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 20)

Click here for the Richard Gere - Shilpa Shetty kissing controversy

Going bananas

Ian and Shilpa are discussing yesterday's attempts to make Big Brother laugh in the Diary Room. Their not so splendid performance is easily explained away by Ian.

Ian: It's not our job. That's like stand-up comedy. We're used to having a script and me a song

Finally managed to catch a video of Shilpa's make-Big-Brother-laugh-challenge performance last night. She had dressed up as a hideous old woman with buck teeth who exhorts viewers to eat bananas as they "keep doctors and everybody away". Shilpa then proceeds to peel and eat the banana in jerky staccato motions. Well, after watching her impersonation of a senile old woman, Shilpa gotta be careful she won't end up doing mother-in-law roles in Bollywood movies back home in India.

Somebody's rolling in toilet rolls

That's the big conversation at breakfast today. Five rolls of toilet paper have mysteriously disappeared and housemates have to make do with scraps.

Ian: Where the hell has it all gone? There's not that many bums in here

Shilpa: Someone's been using a lot of tissue

Ian: Someone's got a big ass

Jermaine: It's that curry

Ian: I can't believe you just said that

Jermaine: It's not me. I don't eat that

Ian: Why is everyone hiding it?

Can that curry reference qualify as a racism-against-India thing :) Reminds me of an old joke.

Q: Why do curry-eating Indians use water instead of toilet paper
A: Coz toilet paper would burn

The Showgirls routine

The eight housemates are at their entertaining best today. Their new task involves dressing up and performing a sunchronised Showgirl chorus dance routine. Their big moment would come after hours of practising the moves displayed on the plasma screen.

Kicks, Hips, Twirls - all and more are on display as the housemates, including poor downcast-looking Dirk struggle to do their best. Shilpa, predictably was upbeat, but isn't too happy with the skimpy costume worn by the Showgirl on screen. She's gonna wear tights underneath, she says.

The countdown begins and the housemates take to the stage clad in feather boas, head-dresses and top hats. Amidst whoops, cheers and numerous gyrations, the Big Brother showgirls pass the task easily (despite mistakes by Dirk and Jack).

Their reward is a party with champagne and music. Yippee!

Spider in the House

No, there is no arachnid on the premises. It's just Jack being naughty and touching Danielle on her back, making her scream. Kind-hearted Shilpa lets Danielle in on the secret and peace finally reigns in the Big Brother household.

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  1. I am not able to see this program but bits on YouTube (I'm in Canada), but the confrontation Jade VS Shilpa was good because it created tension and drama in a program that could easily have been boring. But no, it became better than written tv at some point.

    Jade is (was) obviously hysteric and crazy, but there could have been an easy way for Shilpa to just laugh and stay away from situations (like Jermaine Jackson does), but yet she comes up and confront the drama. That's interesting for TV. I wonder what is the level of consciousness in there.

    I don't think this was exactly a racist confrontation, as in white vs indian. Racism was a pretext. It was rather a confrontaion standard fat uk girls VS a beautiful foreign star who actually touched some levels of glamour (that program will help her be known elsewhere than India, but it's weird how they mixed up actual stars with non-stars).

    I think if I had been there I would have laughed. I would have asked Shilpa if she is able to laugh at how ridicule the whole situation is. And I would gave required everyone to call me Cedric Poppadum or something. I mean, lol, what-e-ver.

    In Canada we had a similar situation a couple years back in a french program called Loft Story.
    There was a native-american in the show that always felt like she didn't belong there and she was bullied a couple times. She ended up winning the show.

    In these sorts of program it's good to be different, reactive (engaged in conversations, what both Jade and Shilpa had in common), and either go-getter leader or a bit of a victim.

    I like how this blog is descriptive, thanks.


  2. Cedric: You are absolutely right, Cedric. In fact, ever since Jade's been evicted, viewers seem to have lost interest and the number of people reading my blog has also shown a slight dip.


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