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Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 21)

Click here for the Richard Gere - Shilpa Shetty kissing controversy

Of bonkers and blackbirds

It's a new day at the Big Brother house and as usual Ian, Jermaine and Shilpa are early risers. Jermaine is having trouble understanding Ian's British vocabulary.

Shilpa: Eww, it's cold!

Ian: You're bonkers

Jermaine: Bonkers?

When a blackbird is seen in the garden, the three housemates are intrigued.

Jermaine: Let's give it some bread

Ian: Let's give him a name, what shall we call him?

Shilpa: Blackbird?

Ian: Death?

My sympathies for the poor bird which flew into the world of celeb housemates by mistake.

Laughter the best medicine

Shilpa, Ian and Cleo are having a chat about laughter - how it's therapeutic and contagious.

Ian: If you walk past somebody and smile, they'll smile back

Not any more, Ian. Not any more. They are more likely to think you are crazy.

Ian in a Bollywood flick

Ian is more than enamoured by the prospect of starring in an Indian film and thinks it would be nice if he could play a part in one of Shilpa's films. The gay musician was imagining himself playing a regal role - that of a prince or a king - when Cleo plays spoilsport. She feels Ian will be "fabulously cast" as a eunuch. Ouch!

Of chutney and chocolate

All the housemates have assembled for ordering stuff from the luxury shopping list they won for doing well in yesterday's Showgirl routine.

The conversation moves on from shopping choices to linguistic differences to how Indian society copes with disabled children. And then to curry.

As Jo waxes eloquent about the various types of curry - mushroom bhaji, onion bhaji...poppadum, mango chutney - she tries, Shilpa looks surprised. She never knew how different the British version was from real Indian curry.

And then the housemates discuss (God! they are just like little children) which type of chocolate each person is.

Shilpa: Can I be a chocolate? I'd be the one in the yellow wrapper, the long caramel one

Housemates: Why?

Shilpa: Because they're so chewy and it brings back a lot of memories

Dirk and Shilpa - Part One

The A-Team star wants Shilpa to come and sit on his lap. And why? Because it's the "warmest place".

Dirk: I'm not just joking, I'm telling you... where I come from, body heat! When my kids get really cold in the cabin, we all sleep together

Shilpa laughs but I wonder what's brewing in her mind.

IIFA 2007 beckons Shilpa

It's a coincidence that this year's IIFA awards (an annual Bollywood event which has previously been held in London, Amsterdam and Dubai) are going to be held in Britain - in Yorkshire to be precise. And Shilpa is excited about it. Methinks Shilpa should be the brand ambassador for the event coz she's perhaps the only Indian all of Britain will recognise. That's what Shilpa seems to be thinking as well.

Shilpa: That's going to be fantastic, because I think I'll be the only one that's recognised

Then her face falls, as she realised one major drawback in her scheme.

Shilpa: I used to leave my country and come here or New York to shop so I wouldn't be disturbed. Now another country is out of bounds as far as shopping is concerned.

Tough luck, Shilpa. But Dirk's full of ideas on how you could disguise yourself like he usually does going out in public.

Dirk: Hats, glasses, clothes... nobody would look twice. Baggy trousers. I wouldn't go out looking like a movie or TV star, I would go out looking like a schlub!

Dirk and Shilpa - Part Two

The lonesome twosome are discussing improvisation in acting. Dirk is telling Shilpa that actors rarely improvise in the US.

Shilpa: You can't change the lines?

Dirk: No you can't do that. Our show was very well written. We did improvise a little but...Anthony Hopkins ain't spontaneous - I know that. He just comes in and - boom. It's the way it should be... I like to work quick. I come in all ready to go.

Of 10 pounds, quizzes and treats

Big Brother is being very nice today. He's given the housemates 10 pounds each to spend on whatever treats they wanted.

Jermaine: Give Shilpa 10 pounds worth of toothpaste coz she's using mine

All have been told they will be quizzed on a particular housemate as part of today's task. They are busy rehearsing answers to the questions they can think of. Shilpa is giving the others details about herself.

Shilpa: I'm an actress, my dog is called Champagne, my cat is called Simba, my favourite colour is...

The task gets underway with each celeb playing for the treat that their fellow housemate had requested earlier.

Jack gets quizzed on Shilpa. But he gets only one query right - that of Shilpa's star sign. The housemates feel one question (which A-lister Shilpa compared herself to) is unfair coz Jack wasn't in the Big Brother house when that happened. Ummmm! They're right.

Unfortunately, the Bollywood actress won't be getting the treat (a box of truffles - or was it caviar?) she had requested earlier.

Shilpa gets into the chair last. She gets three questions right on Jermaine and wins him a pair of shoes.

Dirk and Shilpa - Part Three

A conversation about tea causes Dirk to return to his favourite sugar anecdote. Poor Shilpa is his victim. Again.

Dirk: Did I ever tell you when sugar was first invented?

Shilpa: Yeah. I think just like 500 times

Of eating junk and smelling flowers

Jermaine is giving Shilpa a lecture on good eating habits and how people nowadays eat just about anyhing.

Jermaine: You eat chocolate, potato chips, all kinds of junk. You eat whatever people put in front of you. Have you ever taken everything you eat and drink in a day and mixed it up and smelt it? You wouldn't believe the smell. That's what's in your stomach.

Jermaine says his food mixture (referred to earlier) smells of flowers. Eeeww!

Some more toilet humour

Shilpa has revealed why she has to take so few trips to the loo. Laxatives do the trick for her - she takes a tablet every night that gives her "one clearance in the morning and that's it." She encourages the others to do this as well coz it takes away "all your water retention and everything".

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