Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 22)

Some bad news for Shilpa

Five housemates - Cleo, Dirk, Ian, Jo and Shilpa - have been nominated to face the public vote and two of them will be evicted on Friday. Meanwhile Jermaine, Jack and Danielle are now assured of staying for the Big Brother finale on Sunday.

Jack (Jade's boyfriend so no surprises) and Jo nominated the Bollywood actress.

Jack felt Shilpa did wrong by

- hiding the chocolate in the cheese (since when is that a sin)
- flirting with Dirk (feeling jealous, are we?)

According to Jo, Shilpa's "hard to get close to" coz she doesn't let "many people in".

Shilpa's nominations left me shocked as well.

She found Dirk "uncompromising when they were all living on basic rations" and as for Jack, she never talked to him. Does this mean the Dirk and Shilpa romance is now officially over?

All the housemates are aware of who's been nominated although they don't know about the surprise double eviction this time. Surprisingly, nobody nominated Jermaine. Methinks Michael Jackson's brother has a good chance of winning the show.

Singing in the Snow

The garden received an unexpected coating of snow this morning and Shilpa is squealing with excitement. The Bollywood diva has seen snow before but had never seen it falling.

Cleo collected some snow in a bowl for Shilpa and the actress can't have enough of it - running around the house with it and shrieking "Snow! Snow!" at regular intervals. Jo, snuggled up in bed, is irritated.

Shilpa: Snow! Snow!

Jo: Go away

Shilpa: Snow?

Jo: It's not snow, it's ice

Shilpa: It's so beautiful

Jo: F*** off everyone

Poor Shilpa. Ian and Jermaine were the only ones delighted to see snow falling. Motherly Cleo shakes her head in amusement.

Cleo: Shilpa nearly laid an egg she was so excited

Love overrated, says Shilpa

In a conversation about love and marriage, Shilpa takes up the cudgels on behalf of arranged marriages. She feels love marriages have an equal chance of failing.

When asked why she had not married till now, Shilpa reveals she did meet someone who wanted to marry her.

Shilpa: It didn't work out. Went out with a couple of other people, that didn't work

The Bollywood actress feels that the scenario of her parents setting her up for an arranged marriage was hypothetical but respectable in principle. Cleo feels that love is important but Shilpa shows her cynical side.

Shilpa: I think love is the most overrated emotion on the scale. I believe if two people are compatible and have respect for each other they can work it out. There are so many love marriages that don't work out. There are so many arranged marriages that don't work. What I'm saying is that I don't mind an arranged marriage if I like the guy

Cleo: It makes a lot of sense

Shilpa livens up a boring day

Shilpa remembers some of the moves from her Jackson Five tribute performance and is showing them off to Ian. He's impressed.

The Bollywood actress has cooked for the housemates today and the celebs are grateful. Ian mentions Madhur Jaffrey - leading to suggestions that Shilpa should host her own cooking show.

An Icy Icy Task

For their latest task, housemates have to lick one giant ice cube each to retrieve special tokens which would entitle them to an apres ski party in the evening. Though clad in ski gear, they can use only their mouths and sure enough, the task is a freezing one.

Shilpa, given her obsession with all things snow(y), is screaming with excitement and finishes the task in record time. Danielle finds it tough but eventually all housemates pass the task. Their reward - a party with delicious goodies and their favourite songs.

An Ian-Shilpa romance

Dirk better watch out, singer Ian is showing Shilpa a lot of attention. We don't expect a full-fledged romance this time, given that Ian is gay but there's enough chemistry here to give Dirk pangs of jealousy.

The housemates had just finished eating when a Pussycat Dolls song starts blaring.

Shilpa: Whoop! That's my song! Turn it up Big Brother

Ian and Shilpa start dancing and singing and Shilpa is getting flirty - with an ice sculpture.

Shilpa: Shall I kiss that guy?

Ian: What guy? The ice sculpture? I'm going to kiss you before I go

Shilpa: You better not! (making up her mind to eat more onions and garlic from now on)

Ian: I'm going to put my tongue in

Shilpa: Eewww! (giggling)

And if you thought that was it, the twosome also shared a slow dance together when Ian's favourite song I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight was played.

Wake me up, Jermaine

That's just Shilpa reminding early riser Jermaine to wake her up at 8.30 cos she hates the sound of the horrible alarm.

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