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Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 24)

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Jermaine gets on Shilpa's nerves

Jermaine's been playing back-seat driver as Shilpa cooks in the kitchen and the actress is not liking it one bit. Jermaine feels the stir-fry veg really needs that something extra.

Jermaine: Maybe you should add some of that soup

Shilpa: No, it doesn't need it

Jermaine: That'll give it flavour

Shilpa: It's got plenty of flavour

Ian: (in the background) Back seat driver

Jermaine: Can you do something else now, add that

Shilpa: Can you stop you're irritating me

Jermaine: Just...

Shilpa: Gosh you're impatient

Now Jermaine is having problems with the size of the onions Shilpa put in.

Jermaine: No. I like them big

Shilpa: But it takes longer to cook

Jermaine: I cut 'em like that on purpose. I left 'em like that

Shilpa: Yes, your majesty

Jermaine: Thank you. Now that smells good

Shilpa: Can't you go and pray

Jermaine doesn't take the hint. Says it isn't time yet for his prayers. And instead begins to put stuff in the stir-fry veg.

Shilpa: It's stir-fry veg

Jermaine: Put that on

Shilpa: No, it's garam masala

Jermaine: It gives it flavour

Shilpa: I will kill you!

Jermaine: Put this on

What's happened to the usually calm and collected Jermaine? Totally shocking behaviour. And Shilpa as usual is too patient.

Out of the Closet

Everybody knows that singer Ian 'H' Watkins is gay - he made it public just before entering the Big Brother house. Shilpa says she's proud of Ian for this coz it must have obviously taken some guts.

Shilpa: What does it matter what the world thinks of you as long as your friends and family support you?

Shilpa is telling Ian about how gays in India are facing persecution and how it will take some time for them to be accepted by society. A recent Bollywood film tackled the subject with sensitivity, she says. Wonder if she's talking about 'My Brother Nikhil'.

Shilpa's suitors

Looks like Dirk's back to square one and has a crush on Shilpa all over again. Shilpa's two 'lovers' Dirk and Ian are discussing the Bollywood actress.

Ian: I've become really good friends with Shilpa

Dirk: She's a delight

We agree. We certainly agree.

Preparing for Eviction

Cleo, Shilpa, Jo, Dirk and Ian have packed their bags and are preparing for possible eviction. Shilpa is talking about herself in the third person to calm herself. Sample this.

Shilpa: Shilpa has already visualised herself outside. She is outside.

The Bollywood actress is spending time in Jermaine and Ian's company.

Shilpa: I'm ready to go. Look at my bag

Jermaine: It's a box

Ian: I want to come and see one of your movies being filmed

Jermaine: That's nice. I can't believe we've been here three weeks. One week more would have been torture

Shilpa: I love my little box

Looks like no one's actually listening to what the other is saying.

Eviction Blues

The votes are in and the results are clear. The public wants Jo O'Meara and Cleo Rocos to get out. Model Danielle seems to be the one worst affected by the news and Shilpa tries to console her.

In the Diary Room, Shilpa reveals what she feels about the evictions.

Shilpa: As you see people getting out of the House, it's the strangest emotion I've ever come across - of happiness and sadness and so much confusion

The Bollywood actress is grateful that viewers have chosen to let her stay back and says it means a lot to her. We know Shilpa. We want you to come out tops too.

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