Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 25)

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A Frank Sinatra number woke up the housemates this morning. The lyrics Now the end is near seem appropriate. Ian, Shilpa and Danielle are singing along. It's the penultimate day in the Big Brother house.

Wax and wane - Part 2

Ian's waxing session with Jack and Danielle goes awry. He's screaming and hobbling around as if some tiger has mauled his foot. Seems Jack hasn't been doing his job properly. Danielle chases Ian around the bedroom as Shilpa offers some advice on how to wax hair from Ian's foot.

Shilpa: Don't do it slowly. Do it fast

Danielle: No don't, do it fast

Ian: I feel like I've given birth. Look at the state of them

Danielle: It's not my fault my one's perfect. He did it the wrong way

Jack: I'm no waxer

Dirk: (in the other room) I'm going to go and slap him. I haven't heard a woman scream like that since childbirth

Tell me some facts about yourself

The housemates are answering questions faxed in to the House. One viewer sends in this question for Shilpa - 'Shilpa, as a celeb, what prompted you to do this and how has it affected you?'

Shilpa says that she did the reality show because she had been a trendsetter all her life and wanted to be one in Big Brother as well.

Shilpa: It has given me the opportunity to understand myself and also understand the fact it doesn't matter which country you belong to, we are all human and we all share the same emotions. And how has it affected me? I'm brain dead. I think it's given me the opportunity to understand myself. And that it doesn't matter what country you're from, we're all human and all share the same emotions

A Star Act

Finally a task which is right down Shilpa's alley. The housemates have been asked to act in four made-for-TV-movies showing their most memorable moments in Big Brother - as romantic comedy, film noir, action blockbuster and Bollywood musical.

One hitch - you can't play yourself. There's some discussion about the enhanced assets Shilpa needs to play Danielle.

Shilpa: That's too much

Ian: Well you are busty... they're only the same size as yours.

Time flies by soon and the housemates enjoy their acting stint. Danielle is especially good at imitating Shilpa's loud laugh. The task done, the housemates settle down to enjoy their prize - a luxury three-course dinner.

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