Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 26)

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Shilpa Shetty's final day on Big Brother dawned with Take That's Never Forget blaring from the speakers. Shilpa and Danielle are hugging - the last wake-up call in Big Brother's bedroom.

Ian: Last day! I thought it'd never come

Shilpa: I had the worst sleep in 25 days. Are you happy?

Ian: I'm ecstatic! Over the moon. Just don't know what I'm going out to. I'm going to miss you

Shilpa: You too

Topple them over

The housemates have a fun task today. They have to set up dominoes through the house and then topple them in one fluid movement. Mission accomplished and they receive a hamper. But it wasn't as easy as it sounds, specially with Danielle around. Poor girl, she's so dumb I wonder how Shilpa tolerates her.

Ian: (reciting instructions) Dominoes must topple in one fluid movement. Housemates have 1.5 hours to do the task

Danielle: What's 1.5?

Shilpa: This is not a game of patience. It's a game to irritate you

But despite Danielle's clumsiness, the housemates manage to pass the test.

Hurrah for lipgloss

The housemates discover lipgloss in the hamper basket. Shilpa and Danielle are screaming as they display the prizes.

Shilpa: Lip gloss! Thank God

Jermaine: Face cream

Ian: For men..

Jermaine, Dick and Jack aren't too excited about the contents of the hamper and leave the other three drooling over it. But Ian and Shilpa are having fun applying all that make-up.

Simon Says

Before the final round of evictions, Big Brother decides to have a bit of fun with the six housemates. And what's his idea of fun - a game of Simon Says.

Big Brother: Big Brother says, put your hand in the air

Shilpa, who doesn't do so, is the first one to be kicked out of the game. Big Brother gives further instructions to the remaining housemates - jump on beds, shake your booties, walk on your hands, dress like a woman.

For this last task, Ian gets death threats from Shilpa who's worried the ex-Steps singer is going to crumple her favourite sari. But things work out and the housemates forget tonight's evictions with this impromptu game. But then nothing can stop the inevitable.

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