Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 4)

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So much has happened in a day

- Shilpa one of six nominated for eviction
- Rocker Donny Tourette walks out of show
- Three new housemates make an entry

Before he climbed the outside wall and escaped, Donny was one of eight celebrities forced to move into separate quarters (in the same building) as Servants while Shilpa, Ken Russell and Jermaine Jackson stayed behind as Masters in the Main House.

Three new people have arrived to give Shilpa, Ken and Jermaine company. They are - former Big Brother contestant Jade Goody, her mum Jackiey Budden, and Jade's boyfriend Jack Tweedy. (Incidentally, Jackiey calls Shilpa 'Shil' while Jade and Jack name her 'Shuppie')

The Servants are expected to do everything for the Masters - wake and feed them... If three Servants fail to complete their individual duties the group will fail the task and their shopping budget for next week will be slashed.

On the other hand, by virtue of being Masters, Shilpa and her five mates are up for eviction next week. The housemate with the lowest number of 'saving' votes gets automatically eliminated. Am crossing my fingers Shilpa doesn't.

However, the actress has not been keeping a low profile. She even requested housemates to change beds with her because according to a Hindu custom, she wasn't supposed to sleep with her feet pointing South.

She's also been pumping iron in the gym. Has anybody noticed how actor Dirk Benedict seems to compliment Shilpa for everything - be it her relative skill with the skipping rope OR how she's not heavy enough to register on the track machine(Ya, right!)

Shilpa has spent an equal amount of time cooking in the kitchen. And when not doing that, she's discussing preparing dry fruits with Jermaine. Then arguing with columnist Carole Malone over who will wash up (both wanted to do it). And how terrible it was that people needed to be told to wash their own dishes.

Funny coincidence that Donny should leave the show at this point coz Shilpa confessed in the Diary Room she was finding it a challenge to be friends with the rocker.

And after her female housemates left her for the Servant quarters, Shilpa had a long weeping session. Wonder why? Presumably because she felt she was rejected by Carole and the rest. Am not surprised to see Carole bitching about Shilpa in the Servant quarters.

The good: Shilpa seems to have developed a kinship with the otherwise reticent Jermaine, even having heart-to-hearts in the loo.

The bad: Talking of loos, the housemates were fixated with a piece of floating shit in the toilet and were trying to fix the blame on someone. Last heard, Ken was being accused of the crime.

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