Monday, January 08, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother ( Day 5)

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(Catfights and Romance in the air for our Shilpa)

Shilpa's having a bad time on Big Brother. She's suffering from a cold and a bad back (because she slept on the floor). Plus, she's going ballistic over Jackiey's behaviour. They even had a verbal showdown in the loo.

Shilpa regrets losing her cool.

I never argue and here I am coming to England having a row. I should have kept my calm.

But Shilpa confesses that her sister Shamita would love her response to Jackiey's taunts coz Shamita had told her not to "take any shit from anyone". Anyway, why can't Jackiey learn to pronounce Shilpa's name correctly?

Wait a minute. Why are Mumbai's famous dabbawalas being discussed on the show? Aaaaah! It's Shilpa explaining in great detail to filmmaker Ken Russell how these tiffin-carriers are the lifeline for many in India's financial capital.

Meanwhile in the Servants quarters, plans are afoot to marry off Dirk Benedict to Shilpa.

The 'A-Team' star blushes when the girls tell him he has a schoolboy crush on the Bollywood diva. After all, he keeps whining about being away from Shilpa for long.

Jo, Ian and Cleo feel even Shilpa is flirting with Dirk and all is not one-way traffic. Will Shilpa be getting a Hollywood actor as her husband or will she stick to her favourite buddy Jermaine?

There's one small problem. Jo feels that Dirk marrying Shilpa won't be easy as Shilpa is Indian and religious and will find it difficult to circumvent the traditional concept of arranged marriage. Jo obviously has some wrong notions about urban India.

In other news, Uncle Ken left the Big Brother mansion today - apparently disgusted by Jade and Jackiey's behaviour. Let me remind you that Shilpa's glasses were broken by Jade. Deliberately? But Shilpa doesn't think so.

Beware Shilpa. Jade's family is set to get bigger as her real-life grandparents are visiting the house for dinner.

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