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Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 6) : The Dirk-Shilpa love story

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Well, everybody seems hooked on to the Dirk Benedict and Shilpa Shetty love affair. But has the 61-year-old Hollywood star really fallen for the Bollywood beauty?

In a conversation with Leo, Dirk says Shilpa may be his ideal woman but then even his "belt is older than her". He seems to be wondering whether a young woman would be interested in him. Thank God he realises he's almost double Shilpa's age.

Meanwhile, Jo and Cleo tell Ian that Shilpa really likes Dirk.

And then Danielle goes right ahead and asks the A-Team star point-blank.

Danielle: Do you think there will be a happy ending between you and Shilpa?

Dirk: There already is. Naaaah, I've been flirting with her, I tease her, it makes her happy. Isn't that good. For me it's nothing. When a man meets a woman it's always the woman that decides. There may be dinner, but it doesn't matter what he does. He can do whatever he can to convince her he is a good guy to be with -even today when the girl does all the stuff.

Danielle doesn't give up. What if the girl doesn't fancy the boy, she asks.

Dirk: Then you make a fool of yourself

Danielle: Like you did!


Dirk: I'm so glad I'm older. I've had my heart broken so many times

Danielle: Shilpa won't break your heart

And now comes the spanner in the works. Shilpa apparently told Carole that she wouldn't want an older man or someone other than an Indian in her life. The Bollywood diva is also worried that Dirk talking about her would be seen on TV.

Carole breaks the news to some housemates.

Carole:...she has to marry an Indian boy

Danielle: She HAS to?

Carole: She WANTS to

To add to the general confusion, Dirk jokingly says he needs enough money to look after Shilpa and build her a temple at his Montana residence. Carole puts in a rejoinder that Dirk might just have to decamp to Bombay(Mumbai).

Later the girls are discussing Dirk and Jade tells Shilpa about Dirk's liking for her. They are all wondering why the good-looking guy (who still has a good head of hair) hasn't met someone yet.

And then Danielle proposes that Shilpa and Dirk should get married on the show. Gwaahh! That's the sound of Shilpa nearly choking with laughter.

I wonder why people aren't talking about Shilpa and Jermaine. They seem more like soulmates than Dirk and her. Today, the good friends were discussing Shilpa's stint on the show. Jermaine feels that Shilpa would be there till the very end. But the Indian actress says she would leave if she felt she was losing her dignity.

Later, some of the housemates are gossiping about Shilpa's life in India.

Jo and Carole would love to visit India to see for themselves how the Bollywood actress lives. There seems to be a lot of jealousy here.

They try and work out the kind of money Shilpa must be making from films. Carole quotes Shilpa as saying that she was the Indian equivalent of Angelina Jolie. But Danielle says she can't imagine Shilpa being waited on considering she wants to be involved in everything on Big Brother.

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