Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 7)

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A bottle of Lemon Juice. Battles have been fought for lesser things on Big Brother. Shilpa and Jackiey have a verbal showdown over what to order from the food store.

Jackiey feels that Shilpa is exercising too much control and didn't bother to ask her what she wanted. Isn't a bottle of lemon juice a basic item, she asks? Shilpa is flabbergasted and almost breaks down.

Not only Jackiey, even the other girls seem to dislike the Indian actress. Danielle and Jade feel she's too "bossy". Shilpa and bossy? I am sure viewers will agree she's only trying to help out.

Among the girls, Carole is the only one who takes Shilpa's side. She tells Danielle that Jade and company have decided they don't like Shilpa and now anything she does is picked on.

In a conversation with Carole, Shilpa notes that an Indian would never be spoken to the way she has been spoken to. And yet she won't shame her parents by retaliating.

Carole's advice - stay out of Jackiey's way.

Later, Leo jumps in just as Jermaine and Shilpa are having a nice, private chat. Jermaine is clutching his blue beads and Shilpa wearing nice big earrings (are they turquoise?) comes and sits beside him on the floor.

Jermaine says he loves the sound of Shilpa's hairdryer. But Shilpa is in a more philosophical mood.

I don't know what I am doing here. It is not really my scene... I do like most of the people here.
At this point, Leo plonks himself on the bed and demands to hear Indian stories from Shilpa. What a spoilsport?

More on the Shilpa-Dirk romance. Apparently, Dirk still can't pronounce her name.

Dirk: I'm sorry, I can't say the name. I did it in the Diary Room, I said 'you know, the Indian girl'. How embarrassing I don't know the names of all my housemates

Shilpa: I'm going to rechristen myself. What would be easy for you guys? What did you say about me in the Diary Room?

Danielle: I reckon it's that you love Shilpa

Dirk: She is love obsessed

Cleo: She's pairing everybody up. We're all going to get it by the end of it

Shilpa: She ruined any chances I had

Now what does she mean by that, I wonder.

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