Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 8)

Hurrah! Shilpa's safe for now. Jackiey's the first person to be evicted from this year's Big Brother.

But is this good news for the Indian actress. The other housemates (especially the girls) might blame Shilpa's verbal duels with Jackiey for the latter's ouster. The first round of housemate nominations are not too far away and Shilpa may have to convince the girls not to kick her out.

In her exit interview, Jackiey says Shilpa was "jarring me big time". And then for the first time, pronounces Shilpa's name correctly - of course, with host Davina's help.

Inside the Big Brother villa, Shilpa is in silent mode. She's wearing sunglasses (has she been crying?). All she says is that the timing of Jackiey's exit was bad.

Shilpa feels Dirk sexy but too old for her

Early morning conversation in the bathroom. Cleo stuck for words to describe Dirk. Will Shilpa finally reveal her feelings for the fading Hollywood star who's fallen for her.

Cleo: He's so...

Shilpa: ... sexy?

Cleo: He's so relaxing, so funny... you think he's SEXY?!

Shilpa: I think he's very sexy

Cleo: Then what's wrong with you then?

Shilpa: He's sexy and old

Cleo: Maybe he's got a few more years than you, but that doesn't make him old. I know people who are younger than him who are really old

Shilpa: I agree

Cleo: You're full-on fussy. He makes you laugh, he's gentlemanly. What's missing?

Shilpa: Age

Cleo: Oh no, that's terrible. Oh... oh... no you can't!"

Shilpa: He's sweet, I agree

Cleo: Don't judge. You can't be like that. I can't believe how harsh you are

Later in the day, Jo and Shilpa are deep in thought over matters of love.

According to Jo, one can't really help who one falls in love with.

Shilpa agrees. Says she could never marry a guy who was not Indian.

Jo curious. Asks if it would be allowed if she fell in love with an Englishman or American.

Shilpa says yes coz she's never lived by rules anyway. And then Jo asks her about Dirk. No way, says Shilpa.

Lazy cribbers

A miffed Shilpa asks Dirk if she's ever seen Jade help clean the kitchen. It's true. All Jade and some others do is bitch about how many servants the Bollywood actress has and then go on to eat the stuff she prepares.

Hollywood movie career for Shilpa

Ian asks Shilpa if she would work abroad. Shilpa says she's interested if it's a really good offer and she gets a good agent. On second thoughts, she doesn't really want to start from the bottom again and would be happy to go back to just Bollywood. Yes Shilpa, we want you to come back to India as well.

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