Friday, January 12, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 9)

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Shilpa's safe for another week with actor Dirk Benedict, singer Leo Sayer and columnist Carole Malone figuring in the nomination list. One of them will be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother on Friday night.

(Nominations explained: Each housemate picks two housemates they would like to see evicted from the show. This is done anonymously in the Diary Room. The housemates who get the most votes are then put up for eviction by viewers)

But Shilpa now has to contend with new nemesis Carole. Somehow, when Jackiey was given the boot it felt as if Shilpa's troubles were over. But life in the Big Brother house isn't so easy.

Carole has been automatically nominated as punishment for discussing nominations with Shilpa and singer Cleo Rocos last week. But the columnist is miffed that the Indian actress wasn't punished for also being part of the conversation. And she made this quite clear to Shilpa.

Shilpa broke down in the face of this new accusation and the bathroom played host to a sobbing session with Jermaine (Michael Jackson's brother) ready to provide a shoulder for her to cry on.

Shilpa: I was never at fault

Jermaine: Keep your head up. Stay strong...When there's a lot of women in one place, there's always gonna be some tension

Dirk, who is otherwise depressed at being nominated, also kept up Shilpa's morale by continuing his non-stop flirting with her.

Earlier, Shilpa tried her best to console Carole by saying she won't be evicted.

Shilpa: Leo is loud, Dirk is boring. You're the only sane one.

Ouch! Do you really want Dirk to go, Shilpa? After all, wasn't he nominated by the other housemates for falling in love with you.

Meanwhile, Carole, former Big Brother star Jade and model Danielle are bitching about the Bollywood actress. They have decided not to like her at all. Jade and Danielle are mocking the way Shilpa speaks. Looks like Shilpa's going to face a lot of resentment from the girls in the coming days.

Danielle: Why do you have go? She's vile. Why didn't she go in there?

Carole: Someone they want to keep in, they don't even involve them

Later in the evening, Shilpa and Jermaine are having a heart-to-heart chat about the events of the day.

I'm more chilled out when I'm off camera. I can't do that now because I'll let down all the Indian people who want me to project my culture

Shilpa says Jermaine is a genuine person and says the kind of things Shilpa's mum would say to her.

Krishna says you do your karma, do what you have you do, don't wait for the fruits it will bear. People here don't belong to my culture. They don't understand my culture. I don't expect anything but politeness and love
Shilpa says that for the first time in her life, she is doing something without taking advice from her mother, father and sister. She recalls how she never even leaves her house in India without asking her parents. Even if a guy wants to take her out, he has to ask Shilpa's parents first. So, even being in Big Brother is a huge thing for her.

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