Friday, January 26, 2007

Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (Day 23)

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An A-Team wake-up call

The housemates were woken up this morning with the theme song of Dirk's 'A-Team' series. Dirk enters the bathroom as Ian, Shilpa and Jermaine listen to the soundtrack. Nobody seems overly excited though.

As Celebrity Big Brother draws to a close, the housemates seem to be withdrawing into themselves, not talking much and waking up only for Big Brother's daily tasks. The only thing new - Cleo's ever-changing hairstyle. Boring, boring, boring.

A change of accent for Shilpa

Shilpa and Jermaine are discussing how her accent has changed (for the better?) since she set foot in the Big Brother house.

Shilpa: It's a confused accent between American and British

Crack Celebrity Unit

The Big Brother housemates have to extricate items from a maximum-security lounge as part of today's task. It's not that easy since Big Brother's henchmen have constructed vertical bars separating the celebs from the lounge.

The housemates use tools such as poles with coathangers at the end to retrieve jewellery, a salmon (yes, you read that right), pizza, toiletries, a stuffed teddy... even hair-removal products.

Jermaine holds on to Shilpa's legs as she set about performing mid-air acrobatics to retrieve his family portrait for him. Soon, the hour is up and the housemates get down to examining their catch.

Wax and wane

Shilpa and the girls are busy finding some male victims for a hair-removing spree with waxing strips they retrieved in today's task. Jack is the first volunteer.

Shilpa: You're a brave boy. Let me do a small patch

Jack: No, no, just do it there (points to shin)

Shilpa: You sure? It's really long

Jack: I'm seeing if it hurts. Why is everyone laughing? Does it hurt that much?

Shilpa rips off the wax strip in one quick movement leaving Jade's boyfriend in obvious agony. The girls are laughing and cheering as Dirk and Jermaine wince.

Shilpa: See what women have to go through?

But Dirk is ready to go under Shilpa's scalpel (pun intended). Trying to show off, I guess. As Shilpa peels off the strip on Dirk's leg, Dirk is busy admiring her work.

Dirk: Ooh - look at that, it's like baby skin

Dirk and Shilpa

Dirk's interest in Shilpa seems to have been resurrected overnight. Must have been the sight of Shilpa dancing with Ian yesterday.

Tonight, Dirk is trying his best to have a chat with Shilpa but the object of his affections is busy meditating before going to bed. He launches into a monologue as Shilpa and Jermaine get into their beds.

Dirk: Honey, knock off the meditating. Every time I try to have a conversation with you, you're meditating.

Jermaine asks him what time he wanted to be woken up the next morning but Dirk says he has a better idea.

Dirk: I wait for Shilpa to get me up, but she never has. She's had 24 chances. I'm waiting for her to shake me gently

The A-Team actor wants Shilpa to wake him up and request him to make soup.

Shilpa: Where is the Dirk that we used to know? Where did he go? You're so different today. It's good

Dirk: My real personality is seeping out now, we're getting close to the end. No, I've always been here

Shilpa: Go to sleep, Dirk

Dirk: Yeah, that's what they all say. Cool down. Just take it easy, don't get yourself so worked up over nothing. Oh man, what an adventure - thrown together like this. It's a long way from Bombay to London, it's a long way from curry to crisps.

He's not done yet. Don't even know if Shilpa's paying any attention as her 61-year-old suitor mumbles on. Poor Dirk.

Dirk: We've been here one moon. I measure everything in moons. It was a full moon when I left and it'll be a full moon when I go home...

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