Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shilpa Shetty and life after Big Brother

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Twenty-six days. That's how much time it took Shilpa Shetty to catapult herself from an unknown entity in Britain to an international celebrity. Her stint on Celebrity Big Brother brought her to the big league and the Bollywood actress is flooded with offers to peddle everything from diapers to lottery tickets.

Also in the pipeline are dozens of film and television offers, a book deal and a chance to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bombay Dreams stage revival. Of course, not counting reports of her being nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.

One of the first Bollywood filmmakers to reveal his plans for Shilpa was K Shashilal Nair, someone who doesn't have too many hits to his name. Best known for his titillating Ek Chhotisi Love Story (2002), Nair says he wants Shilpa and arch-rival Jade Goody as protagonists for a new movie.

But Nair hasn't revealed the plot and methinks it cannot be a mere dramatisation of the Jade-Shilpa row. For one, far too many people have seen the video of the Day 14 stock cube argument. And more importantly, would anyone still be interested in it having already witnessed the 'real' fight on the show.

Maybe Shilpa and Jade will star as the premiers of India and Britain respectively in the midst of a diplomatic row. Nah! Or would you rather have Shilpa as a call-centre employee in Bangalore having a telephonic spat with irate UK customer Jade. Plausible but still not interesting enough.

Methinks we should leave Nair to his plots and cheer Shilpa on as she prepares to enter the House of Commons on February 7 to shake hands (and hopefully shake a leg) with British premier Tony Blair, Chancellor Gordon Brown and other parliamentarians.

The biggie for the Indian beauty - a meeting with the Queen - will come on March 12 during a reception at Marlborough House in London to celebrate Commonwealth Day. And that's surely tops Shilpa's itinerary on the British Isles.
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