Sunday, February 11, 2007

UK dude lashes out at Shilpa's attitude

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Shilpa Shetty might be in the limelight in Britain but she's facing quite a few brickbats as well. The latest to join the 'Hate Shilpa' bandwagon is sixty-something TV horse-racing pundit John McCririck.

McCririck, a former Celebrity Big Brother contestant himself, let flow a flurry of anti-Shilpa comments during a television interview.

According to him, the Bollywood actress is "up herself".

"She's no wonder girl. How many times has she had sex ? Probably very few and not very often. These girls are very precious. Their bodies are so special that no man may penetrate it. She is difficult."
Well, McCririck can't be accused of racism, can he? But isn't there a law against making remarks like that?

In other (more positive) news, Shilpa now has a work permit in Britain - very necessary for her to make money from interviews and public appearances. All thanks to NRI Keith Vaz who took a personal interest in the case.

Currently in Mumbai, Shilpa will soon be back in London to take part in the Zee Carnival from February 16. This time around she will shake a leg with the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Esha Deol. A Bollywood onslaught - seems like it.

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