Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An advisory to Indian cricket fans

India lost. Big deal! It's amazing how every Tom, Dick and Harry (or rather Om, Manik and Hari) is ready to maul the Indian cricket team. Come on, guys - they just had an off day.

Everybody has an off day. Even you Mr Architect, Doctor, Engineer, Peon, Singer, BPO Worker, Driver, Politician. How many times have you screwed up something at work? Does that mean you get fired every time?

It's easy for you to criticise - you there with the potbelly in that comfy armchair waxing eloquent on everything that's wrong with Indian cricket today. Would you have done better out there on that very same pitch? Nah, I didn't think so.

The worst offenders are the ones who keep saying they'll never again watch cricket on the telly. But come the next match, they tiptoe towards the remote control and sink into that cosy sofa and relapse into a harangue against Sehwag, Dravid, Chappell or whoever else is scheduled for the day's battering.

"How dare you Toe Knee," you say. "You don't even watch cricket." Ok, so I don't watch cricket but does being someone who loves cricket give you enough leeway to make sick SMS jokes or even attack poor Dhoni's house?

Why don't you behave the same way when Sania Mirza loses a match or Viswanathan Anand fumbles? Aaaaahh! I keep forgetting you don't care two hoots about anything other than cricket.

You were the ones who pumped up the Indian cricket team before their infamous defeat saying stuff like 'Blue Billion' and 'Hoo Haa India'. And now you are disappointed they lost. So what? People have bad days but they have good days too. Maybe now they will revamp the team and we'll put in a good showing in the next tournament.

Don't tell me you'll never watch cricket after this. I know, for sure, that you are lying.

And for those of you who are serious about this, Crazy Journo explores why politicians are thinking of making kabaddi the national game of India.

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