Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Osama

Yes, al Qaeda supremo Osama bin Laden turns 50 today. Wonder if he's cutting a cake. Or is he too busy plotting his next strike against the US.

Is he alive at all? Well, I did eavesdrop on the following conversation so you can make up your mind.

(Inside a cave on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border)
Henchman: Happy birthday, boss
Laden: Thank you, my dear Ali
Henchman: We have placed an online order for a cake from Wenger's
Laden: Ooh! I love Wenger's chocolate cakes
Henchman: And we have also arranged a belly dance by Mallika Sherawat
Laden: (weeping) You guys are the best any dude could ask for
Henchman: We love you too, boss

Hasn't bin Laden done pretty well for himself. I guess he's the youngest ever to merit the 'Most Wanted Person in the World' title. That's the kind of publicity most Hollywood stars can only dream of. After all, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Right?

SPOOF - Indian techies rush to Laden's help
SPOOF - Osama says he's "right here waiting for you"

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