Thursday, March 01, 2007

Have you caught Fever 104 FM yet?

Ya, I know I keep raving about Delhi's 95 FM but another radio channel has been increasingly tugging at my eardrums in recent weeks - Fever 104 FM.

First-time listeners to this four-month-old channel should tune in to Fever Top 20 (Monday - Friday at 8 pm) for starters and then move on to My Request Dot Com and Fever 40 to complete the musical meal.

And why? Well, it may be raining radio channels in Delhi but only these two seem to have caught the pulse of the city's youth. Peppy music, not-so-pesky RJs and fewer ads - that's the magic recipe for conjuring up some loyal listeners. And the guys at Hit 95 and Fever 104 have got it covered.

Aren't you addicted to Hit 95 FM yet?

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