Friday, March 16, 2007

The March 2007 Blog Mela

Sakshi Juneja kicked off the nomination process for this Blog Mela. Her vote went to Desi Dabba's post here on how television is a bit thanda this World Cup.

As expected, the cricket World Cup is the flavour this season. Sportolysis reveals why it's India's turn to bring home the trophy this year. There's a Pope involved in it somewhere. And Anand Ramachandran introduces the Underarm Cricket World Cup to be sponsored by Rexona.

But even the World Cup isn't as hot a topic on the Indian blogosphere as Reuters journo Jonathan Allen's coverage of Liz Hurley's nuptials.

Divisha Gupta didn't quite agree with Allen's statement on Indian women and promptly blogged about it. Amit Varma, India's most famous blogger, wrote about it too and so did Sakshi. And here's my take on the issue. Sujay, MadMax and someone called My Utterances also had their say.

Meanwhile, Shilpa Shetty went right ahead and met the Queen. And nearly slipped. Sepia Mutiny's Anna wonders whether the actress was actually wearing a sherwani.

Beware of Einstein's Ides of March, says Atanu Dey. Harsh had to part with his chocolate bar after he made a little girl cry.

Don't frown and say 'Serves him right'. Children are Evil Incarnate. Ask the Jabberwock, he will tell you why. Falstaff's an expert on handcuffs. Maybe he could help.

And Shweta Baxi Tyagi finds a subtle connection between weeding and Europe's 'foundling wheels'

Weeding out plants is also Alaphia's dilemma - does one really need to cut down trees to save the blackbuck?

Vivek Kumar elaborates on why restricting internet access at IIT Bombay is not a smart thing to do.

And if you are an upcoming blogger, you should probably take Rohit Bhargava's advice and concentrate on making your blog a microbrand.

You never know what music can do for you. The Great Bong reveals how he's become a convert to Channel Bh. Simple pleasures create great memories for AB as well. And Jhansi Ki Rani analyses how her life has changed after marriage.

Where you live does matter. eM has a flashback. And of course, the Blank Noise Project is trying to make sure you can be yourself no matter where you reside.

Lastly, fashion designer Anand Jon may be in trouble for you-know-what, but Sepia Mutiny would have us believe he also 'allegedly' smells bad.

That's all for now. The Blog Mela returns in April - Nominate now Keep watching this space.

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