Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nirula's back in Connaught Place

Hot Chocolate Fudge lovers - Rejoice. Icecream and fast-food joint Nirula's, synonymous with childhood pleasures for many a Delhiite, made a triumphant return to Connaught Place just a few weeks after it shut shop in the city's centre.

The new Nirula's outlet is in K-block - a mere hundred metres from PVR Plaza and visible from the Outer Circle. And believe it or not - they got Bollywood actress Amrita Arora to inaugurate it yesterday.

The popular hangout sports a new look after Navis Capital Partners and Samir Kuckreja acquired the Nirula's group of companies this year. But things may not have improved for the better.

Nirula's signature Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae is now priced at a steep Rs 98 (up from Rs 50 some years ago) and fares much worse in taste and quantity than a decade earlier. Youth-centric themes adorn the wall and Bollywood tunes rule the joint. But a leaking roof played spoilsport - leaving patrons sitting quite close to a big blue bucket just below the trouble spot.

On the other hand, the service and ambience is commendable. The staff, in their newly-designed uniforms, are helpful and efficient as usual. I remember one guy in particular, grinning from ear to ear as he handed out a particularly complex order of single-scoop icecreams to my pals. Seems it may just be the start of another successful innings for Nirula's.

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