Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Delhi's new "all talk" radio station

Another new radio station in New Delhi. Yawn!

But 104.8 FM claims to be all talk and less music. This interactive chat show is now going through test runs.

I had my doubts but I tuned in anyway. RJs Tina and Gina were discussing how names can create perceptions. About how you are likely to think someone named Basanti is a bespectacled dodo. Tina wondered how filmi characters like Mogambo and Shakaal fared in school. Did the other kids rib them to death?

People kept calling up in between (a majority were men) - including a corporate sanyasi - and the two gals had a lot of fun trying out Punjabi accents and goofing around. What struck me was the informality of it all. These gals can do some serious yakking for a living.

And instead of tuning out the Tina-Gina gang, I listened to 104.8 for the next few hours.

The music (yes, they do have music sometimes) was different too. They kept playing a cappella tracks by the Penn Masala group. Refreshing stuff. And no ads. For now.

Tina and Gina left at 8 pm. And Bina and Leah took over. Just one question - Is the management hiring people with similar sounding names?

Radio Today (they were associated with 93.5 FM earlier) returns to the business with 104.8 FM. And apparently the new station is called Radio Meow! And why is that, I wonder.

Lots of new voices on the channel - Ginnie Mahajan (RJ Gina) may be the only experienced hand around (remember her in AIR Rainbow FM?). But I suggest you give 104.8 a try - you might end up liking this kind of radio.

Update: Fauji ka ladka Raj (real name Radio Today COO Anil Srivatsa) is having trouble fending off female admirers on his late night show - the dude with the sexiest-voice-on-radio is finding it tough to answer phone-in queries about his age and looks. I've a feeling he won't be able to handle all the attention.

Have you caught Fever 104 FM yet?
Aren't you addicted to Hit 95 FM?

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