Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lightning screws up May Blog Mela

Yes, a bolt of lightning put paid to my plans of coming out with the May 2007 Blog Mela today.

Yesterday, as heat-stricken Delhi welcomed the rainstorm with open arms, one teeny-weeny flash escaped from the sky and made a beeline for my rooftop.

Whoosh! The subsequent boom spelt death for all electrical appliances in the vicinity. Including my beloved MTNL broadband modem.

As I wait for my modem to spring to life, I hereby announce the postponement of the May 2007 Blog Mela till May 26. And you may now continue to nominate blog posts till midnight on May 22.

This delay will also come in handy for all those readers who have nominated blog posts published in April. Hello! These nominations are null and void.

Please take a look at the rules here and take this opportunity to nominate blog posts which satisfy the eligibility criteria.

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