Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Best FM Radio channel Poll

Is still going on. But can't believe newbie channel Meow! 104.8 FM is apparently New Delhi's best loved radio station. Or is it just a bunch of catty Meow! women indulging in proxy voting from cyber cafes.

Update: The poll has been closed. View results

Your favourite Delhi FM radio station is -
91.1 FM Radio City
Big 92.7 FM
93.5 Red FM
94.3 FM Radio One
Hit 95 FM
98.3 FM Radio Mirchi
102.6 AIR FM
Fever 104 FM
104.8 FM Meow!
106.4 AIR FM free polls
Delhi's "all talk" radio station
Getting high on Fever 104
Ten hits in a row, anyone?

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