Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ruchi Narain's next is a short film with Raima

Filmmaker Ruchi Narain has just completed a short film with actress Raima Sen and she's pretty excited about it.

Narain, a protege of renowned director Sudhir Mishra, had won critical acclaim for her debut film Kal - Yesterday and Tomorrow in 2005.

Now returning after two years of Bollywood hibernation, the 30-something filmmaker isn't about to spill the beans on her latest project.

Apparently, the film's producers have put a communication ban in place. All Narain told Toe Knee Unplugged was -

"I've really taken advantage of the format and had a lot of fun with an experimental structure."
As for her next feature film, Narain said she is working on the script of a love story.

"It's coming out well. Hopefully we'll finish scripting in a month and be able to move on to the next stage."
There's more good news in store for the Narain family. Sibling Ashima's wildlife documentaries - In The Pink (about flamingos in Mumbai) and The Last Dance (about cruelty to sloth bears) - have been aired several times on Discovery channel and are now doing the rounds of various film festivals around the world.

Both films have also been nominated in the Wildlife Conservation category at the 4th CMS Vatavaran Environment and Wildlife Film Festival (12-16 September) in New Delhi.

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