Monday, August 20, 2007

Why Chak De won't win an Oscar

Chak De India is a good film. Unfortunately, taking home an Oscar needs more than a good film. I may be treading dangerous ground here but fans of Shahrukh Khan are likely to be disappointed when Chak De doesn't make the Oscar shortlist.

Chak De is not your typical Bollywood kitsch. Granted. But there's nothing new about an underdog team striving against all odds to win a team championship. A bit like Remember the Titans and the dozens of the sports flicks before it.

Remember Lagaan? At least, it had the colonial angle. Here it's national integration and gender inequality.

Must say director Shimit Alam has taken advantage of a brilliant screenplay. Add some good acting by Khan and his pan-Indian wards. Plus a release date the week before Independence Day when patriotic fervour is likely to be at its peak. And you have a winner on your hands.

A well-made film that will do extremely well in multiplexes. But story and acting alone does not an Oscar-winning film make. There would be calls to make Chak De India India's official entry for the Oscars but it's a lost cause.

P.S. For those who watched the film, don't you think the fight sequence at McDonalds was a bit over the top?

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