Thursday, February 28, 2008

A dog gets right to vote in India

Did you hear about the dog who made it to the electoral rolls in Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh. This is so unfair, my name is usually missing in the voter list - now even canines have better luck. This country is truly going to the dogs.

One of my friends, a woman in her twenties, also had an identity crisis when she was listed as a 52-year-old male in the electoral rolls.

But what of the dog? Will the ballot papers of Nizamabad witness some paw prints? Will all the other dogs in India demand the inclusion of their names as well. And will we soon see dogs elected to Parliament?

As for the photo, is that a BJP symbol I see in the background?

Read full story here

I loved this quote by Nicky's owner Radhakrishna.

"I can understand that Nicky can be mistaken for a girl's name, but the name of Nicky's father is mentioned as dog. Would that not make the authorities check facts?"

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