Sunday, March 02, 2008

February 2008 Blog Mela

The Great Bong presents a day in the life of Jalaluddin Akbar

Arnold ponders the advantages of being gay

Krish Ashok speaks symbolically

And introduces the ten avatars of the Dark Lord of the Ad

Falstaff rewrites Hansel and Gretel

Bikkupedia remembers the good times spent at Appu Ghar

Mitali Saran goes channel surfing

Rahul Razdan engages in toilet humour

Jamshed V. Rajan wonders what life would be like in 2050

Aditya Kulkarni gives pointers on how to avoid doing household chores

That's all for now. The March Blog Mela returns early next month. But before leaving, do please vote for the best post in the February 2008 Blog Mela.

The best of February 2008 Blog Mela
The Great Bong
Krish Ashok - symbols
Krish Ashok - avatars
Mithali Saran
Rahul Razdan
Jamshed Rajan
Aditya Kulkarni free polls
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Blog Mela Rules
- Posts must have been written by Indians or have an Indian angle
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- If possible, please nominate individual posts, not the whole blog
- Feel free to nominate something you have written. Immodesty appreciated
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