Saturday, May 09, 2009

Snapshots from Ahmedabad

Here are photos from my trip to Ahmedabad last week. I keep going to the "city of my birth" every year to drop in on my cousins still living there -- and somehow the place seems hotter each time.

I am used to the summer in New Delhi but the Ahmedabad sun drains you of all energy and all I ever want to do there is lie down and sleep. There's nothing much to do any way -- for all of Modi's achievements being trumpeted, it's still a drab little place where memories of communal tensions abound.

There was little election fever actually -- except posters and Gujarati jingles on the radio. The most striking polling day image was a group of women dancing on the road apparently celebrating 'Akkha Teej'.

And the sweetest memory? A malnourished cat and her newborn kitten sought refuge in our garden. I spent most of my time feeding them milk and curd.

For the record, New Delhi does have its flaws but I wouldn't want to shift anywhere else.

The 2008 trip: A trip to Modi-land

Saturday, May 02, 2009

India Blog Mela - April 2009

Sidhu is offering diplomas in shoe flinging.

Silverine thinks her boss needs therapy.

Niranjana is misplacing letters from Indian classics.

HawkEye is an expert on desi mating patterns.

Suvrat Kher has evidence that females entered India before males.

Whatay goes to the UK.

18,000 RPM finds it weird to go shopping in Indian stores in the U.S..

The Purple Cow remembers her Scottish tragedy.

Bikerdude is having Peer Sahib for lunch.

Banno is going through testing times.

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