Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shiney shining no more -- and the media too

Okay, I get it. Bollywood star Shiney Ahuja has been charged with raping his maid. And wife Anupam is saying he's innocent.

What I don't get is how the media is already assuming Ahuja is guilty.

I was shocked to hear a Delhi radio station use the news for a call-in contest.

"Anupam is defending her husband and has forgiven him," the RJ said. "We women keep forgiving our husband's mistakes and defend them. Tell us about when you covered up your husband's mistakes."

Even assuming Ahuja is guilty, the media is more obsessed with the celebrity scandal rather than the rape victim.

Author and blogger Amit Varma spoke to his friends and finds many of them surprised not because Ahuja allegedly raped someone, but because the victim was his maid.

So I guess it would have been less of a surprise for them if Ahuja had raped someone better looking and befitting his status -- a Bollywood actress perhaps.

What do you think?

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