Friday, August 28, 2009

A House for Mr. Bobby

Bobby the toad entered our lives this monsoon season. One unusually rainy day in New Delhi, he leaped his way into our ground floor flat and has stayed ever since.

Believe me, it's not that easy trying to get rid of a toad. Bobby has the attributes of a master criminal -- he's nimble, silent and low-key.

We didn't like him one bit. Until we spotted him pouncing on a stray cockroach and eating it whole.

For Mom, that's a feat worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.

She and cockroaches go way back.

As a college student, Mom once ran out of her house into traffic, chased by someone dangling live cockroaches in his fingers. Her brother.

She never forgave my uncle for that prank and talking about it still gives her the creeps.

But I digress.

Ever since he polished off the cockroach, Bobby has lost his pariah status and is welcome to stay at home as long as he wants.

Dad is not amused.

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