Monday, August 24, 2009

True Love -- 34 years on

So I was reading the Remembrance page in 'The Times of India' (FYI, I do not have a morbid fascination for death) and I chanced upon a message for Sayta Rani.
Who left 34 years ago this day in 1975
Fragrance of your love surrounds me always
Deeply missed by K.K.
Now, I found that interesting -- the other messages in the Times Obituary were all for people who died in the last five years. And there's this person who is mourning the passing away of his spouse (or mother maybe) 34 years after her death. Now that's true love.

And has K.K. been publishing a Remembrance message on August 22 each year? That's one thing I really want to know.

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